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Divorce can be a difficult process. Even in the best of circumstances, tempers may run high, and every decision can seem to be more stressful than the last. It is only human to find yourself reacting emotionally at certain stages of a divorce, but it is important to remember that your actions throughout the process can affect your family, emotional, and financial situation for years to come. We will do our best to help you through what is usually one of the most difficult times in an individual’s life and make sure that you receive a fair and equitable share of the marital estate.

Treadaway & Treadaway understands the stress and emotion that accompanies difficult family issues. Our goal is to put your mind at ease while identifying the best possible legal solutions for your unique situation. We have the experience and skill required to take on even the most challenging family law case.

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At Treadaway & Treadaway, we can represent you in settlement negotiations or at trial in cases involving any family matter.

Whether you are considering divorce or you need help establishing child custody, the first step is to meet with a knowledgeable attorney. At Treadaway & Treadaway, we offer free initial consultations to every potential client. Call us today to discuss your situation.