Sharing Custody During The Holiday Season

Treadaway & Treadaway Jan. 6, 2020

Sharing custody of your children can be worked out to the mutual benefit of both parents and children. Let’s face it, though, sharing custody during special days can be tricky and emotional – and no time can be more difficult than holidays when both parents naturally want to be with their children. As important as feelings and emotions are – and they play a huge role during the holiday season – the laws governing child custody must be obeyed. There are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Some of the factors that must be considered include school holiday schedules and extracurricular activities, both parent’s work schedules and travel plans, faith-based activities, and family traditions on both sides. As the holidays approach, now is the time to discuss a fair, workable visitation schedule with your former spouse. Be open to compromise and keep the following ideas in mind.

  • Plan visitation schedules with your children and their other parent to eliminate the element of surprise and any subsequent misunderstandings

  • If your custodial days include travel, pack lightly and share your agenda with your children and their other parent to keep everyone informed

  • Encourage your children to enjoy their time with their other parent to eliminate any feelings of guilt during your time apart and to ensure your children are happy in both households

  • Start new traditions like giving thanks at a special meal before Thanksgiving or exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve

Other options might include having your children spend the holiday morning with one parent and the holiday evening with the other. Keep these Georgia custody and parenting policies in mind as you plan. Every custody decision the court makes will favor the best interest of the child, and at certain ages, will take the child’s wishes into consideration.

Your ultimate goal is to ensure your children feel as safe, comfortable, and loved as possible. Speak to an attorney at Treadaway & Treadaway today who can help you establish a custody schedule that meets everyone’s needs and allows your children to continue to flourish and thrive.