Punishment for False Imprisonment

Treadaway & Treadaway May 20, 2019

Anyone convicted of false imprisonment in the State of Georgia could receive a jail sentence of up to 10 years. Anyone charged with interference of custody for, for example, removing a child from an ex-spouse who has lawful custody may be convicted of a misdemeanor. For subsequent offenses increase the range of punishment, any the offense could be classified as a felony.

Deaths and Domestic Violence

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 129 people were killed as a result of domestic violence in 2017. By July, 2018, 78 domestic violence deaths had already been counted in the State of Georgia. According to a report by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, 8 percent of the domestic violence cases that involved the death of the victim between 2004 and 2018 involved hostage-taking. 56 percent of the cases involved monitoring and controlling one party by another. 32 percent of the cases involved the isolation of the victim. 26 percent involved “ownership” of the victim. Any of these could lead to kidnapping charges if the victim is not allowed to leave at his or her own free will.

Leaving a Perpetrator

If you notice signs of violence from your partner, you should contact the Georgia criminal law attorneys at Treadaway & Treadaway as soon as possible. The violence will only get worse, and could eventually lead to harm to yourself or even your children. Our Georgia criminal law attorneys will help you contact the proper authorities who can help you in your situation. The attorneys at Treadaway & Treadaway can also assist with the filing of a restraining order.