Are You Accused of Having Drug-Related Objects?

Treadaway & Treadaway May 8, 2018

Drug paraphernalia laws make it illegal to have anything that could possibly be connected to drug use in your possession, your home or vehicle. Although being charged with drug paraphernalia is a criminal offense in Georgia, it carries a much lesser charge than actually drug possession.

Drug-Related Charges

Because possession of drug paraphernalia is a drug-related charge, the penalties could still be harsh, even though the violation may be minor. Even though the police find no evidence of you possessing drugs for personal use or with the intent to sell, you could still be charged with drug-related objects. This is why it is important to always have a prescription with you if you are carrying any item that could be considered drug paraphernalia, including insulin needles.

State or Federal Charges

Whether you are charged under state or federal law depends on several factors. Either way, you will need to contact an attorney to help you through the court system, especially if you are charged with a crime because of legitimately-prescribed medication.

At the Scene

At the scene, you should immediately advise law enforcement that you want to speak with your attorney. Keep in mind that anything you say, even before you are read your Miranda rights, could be used against you. Also keep in mind that everything you say and do is likely being audio and/or video recorded. If you have a law prescription, you should show it to the law enforcement officer.

Contact a Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged with drug-related objects, contact our attorneys at Treadaway & Treadaway. Never wait to start building your defense, as you could miss opportunities to have the charges dismissed or to protect yourself. It is not advisable to try to navigate the criminal court system alone when you have been charged with drug possession, drug paraphernalia or drug-related objects. Call our firm today.